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11th April 2017: Act now! Help stop Cuadrilla coming back!

Cuadrilla has applied to make changes to its Environmental Permit, an important element of its planning permission. If you want to keep the oil industry out of Balcombe (as a strong majority of us do), please write a personal objection to the Environment Agency’s consultationThe more objections they receive, the stronger our voice.

Deadline midnight April 25th!

Click here for full details on how to submit your objection.

Everything you always wanted to know about ACIDISING

A paper prepared for the  Weald Action Group, a strategic umbrella for community groups across the region.

Acidising, little understood outside the  oil and gas industry, is coming to communities from Sussex and Surrey to Lincolnshire. Acidising poses its own threats, and is likely to lead on to fracking at a later stage.

The need for this report was highkighted at the inaugural meeting of the Weald Action Group at Horsham in October 2016.

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Experience and regulation of acidation using hydrofluoric acid in California:

Facts about hydrofluoric acid:

Nebulised hydrochloric acid incident last year in Germany (note that hydrochloric acid is much less toxic than hydrofluoric acid):

Summary: A cloud of nebulised hydrochloric acid from an Exxon Mobil gas flare near the village of Wittorf in North Germany is said to have harmed residents and vegetation, in April of last year. Inhabitants of a nearby village reported a cloud of what looked like steam and 'terrible smells' around the Söhlingen Z5 well. People even a few km away experienced breathing difficulties, coughing, headaches, red and streaming eyes, inflammation and bleeding pores, burning skin and general malaise. Some were treated in hospital.  Exxon Mobil admitted they had flared off the gas 'for technical reasons'.


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